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The Old Biscuit Mill is located somewhere in Cape Town. I wish I could say where but my taxi driver was so talkative that I honestly was hoping for my life that I was headed in the right direction. Taxi drivers in Cape Town tend to be very interested in learning about tourists and also trying to become your taxi driver for the day since they know tourists can afford it. There's a lot of awesome drivers but also a lot of sketchy drivers. If you ever visit Cape Town, don't take cabs without any signage on them. Or we will probably never see you again.

Anyway, from the gist of it, The Old Biscuit Mill is located somewhere near a sketchy area of the town, but is honestly one of the most hipster and foodie places I have been. All of the food is unique, kind of like the market at the V&A Waterfront, except even more hipster. There is no traditional beer, only crafted beers with crafted food. It's actually pretty awesome. 

On Saturday mornings, the market is full of people and it looks like a massive party. Everything in Africa in some way or another becomes a massive party. People there just walk around with wine or beer in the hand and shop. The shops are local designers, artists, whatever they may be. It's a great place for unique gifts and for a lot of great food. It's also another place to be seen in the city.