How to be Happy Again



realize where you are in life

maybe in a place you love or with people you love

maybe without happiness, in search for

something more to love


wherever you are, find yourself


and understand where you need to go


leave your job

or don’t be so dramatic and take a new path

at your current job

leave the city you live

for a city you’ve never been


rent an apartment you’ve never

seen until your first day moving in

the unexpected brings happiness


make new friends

don’t forget about your old ones, 

keep in contact, but give them distance

to find themselves, finally. 

meet people on the train, on the bus, on the plane, at the bar

don’t forget what it is like to make friends with strangers



put your phone on silence

turn off the notifications and

only check them when you aren’t with the people

you love

they deserve more attention than your social 

media does


fall in love

maybe with people, 

maybe with life. 

find something to love

the air the sea the mountains the food the drinks the night

you can love anything that makes you happy

you can love your life if you try to


be scared

do not plan every next moment of your life

be ok knowing that you can move to a new city

a new country or return to your hometown

without having a place to sleep

friends still there

be scared of the unknown 

embrace it


you will find yourself in the unknown

and then, you will be happy




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