What to Do When You Think of Going Back

When you think of going back, 

research all of the recipes you never got to make

and go to the grocery store and buy all of the ingredients.

Make sure the majority of the ingredients are fresh produce, 

because if you have to use the produce before it goes bad, 

you’ll focus on using the produce and not

using them. 


When you think of going back, 

sign up for a triathlon or a marathon or even a 5K

and make sure you sign up with a friend

because if your friend is counting on you to be there for training

and for the day of the race, 

you’ll focus your time on getting in shape

and not shaping your life around them. 


When you think of going back, 

begin your spring cleaning early

clean out your closet, donate your clothes, and buy new magazines for inspiration

then go shopping. 

buy clothing that is drastically different than your old clothing

because if you have to spend your time learning how to wear a new style

you won’t spend your time trying to use old clothing

to impress someone who knew your closet by heart. 


When you think of going back, 

contact a one night stand. 

They’ll get back to you immediately. 

Even if you have no intention of being anything more than friends with them, 

their attention to you will be every distraction you need 

and all the confidence to remember how it feels to be wanted

instead of trying to forget what it’s like to be used.  


When you think of going back, 

start writing a novel, or a song, or film a movie or paint a canvas

throw yourself into art, because art makes people crazy, 

and if you are trying to go back, you are too sane to realize how

crazy life is when you stop trying to recreate the past and start creating

a colorful future. 


When you think of going back, 

create a home bar for yourself. Coffee or alcohol, choose your vice. 

Study the flavors and learn the combinations because once you do this with liquids, 

you’ll start to do this with people

and suddenly, your expired combination of a person won’t seem so fascinating anymore

because you will be so indulged in the new tastes you’ve discovered.


When you think of going back, 


Don’t listen to self-help articles that say traveling doesn’t cure anything.
Traveling will cure everything. 

You can go three miles away or you can go three-thousand miles away,

but whatever you do, get away. 

How can you expect to prevent your instincts if you are too close? 


When you think of going back

don’t think of going back


This piece has been published on Thought Catalog. You can view the published version here. 

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