I'm Not Going to Chase You

I know what I want. 

I like to go for want I want. 

But I’m not going to endlessly chase what I want. 


I’m not your average girl. 

I’m not some basic, 

Starbucks by day, Long Island by night type of girl. 

I’m not too shy to ask when you’re available, 

and I’m not too traditional to make you pay for my drinks. 

And I’m sure as hell not going to chase you.


I’m not going to pretend I like everything you like.

I’m not going throw compliments you or laugh at your terrible jokes. 

I’ll definitely tell you if they’re terrible. 

I’m not going to wait a few days for you to call or text me because

in a few days, I’ll be somewhere else, and I probably won’t remember who you are. 


I’ve got my own things to chase after, 

and on the long list of things I’m running towards, 

you’re not one of them. 

If you like someone, you like someone. 

I like my relationships how I like my drinks—-

pure alcohol, without the extra liquids

because I’m not trying to avoid the burn

So you either want me or you don’t, 

and I’m not going to run around trying to make that decision for you. 


And maybe you like the chase because you like chase multiple 

people at the same time, just waiting for someone to beg you to stop running 

because it feels good. You want to hear your name. 

I’m not going to stop you from running. You can keep running and running and running 

and I’ll let someone else chase after you

because I’m sure as hell not going to. 


This piece has been published on Thought Catalog. You can view the published version here

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