You are the Song I Can No Longer Listen To

You began as a catchy tune, one that caught

my ear when I first heard you on the radio, 

and I desperately had to save it, so I could listen to it properly later. 


You were the song that was played on repeat, while I was

alone in my room, because I wanted to soak in all the words, 

memorize all the lines, 

strum each chord on my guitar

until my fingers bled from the happiness of playing your song

on repeat 


You were the melody that reminded me 

of summer, 

of seeing you immediately after work because you were

all that I ever wanted to do. 

I used to hum your melody in the car, on long drives to the cabin

and I could hear the waves whisper it along 

as I kayaked my way through the lake. 


You were the chart topper, 

the song that I shared with my friends, and the song that they caught onto. 

You were the song they loved, a summer hit that didn’t get 

overplayed, but you were on every station, and we loved to turn the

volume up high so we could drown in your music. 

We never wanted your song to end, 

and you were our summer anthem. 


You were the song that made me reminisce 

the times I heard you on the radio, in restaurants, in coffee shops, in the mall,

all I could do was think of the other times I had listened to you. 

You brought back tears of happiness, and then tears of sorrow. 

You were the song that punctured my heart, 

that ripped the veins out and tied them around my neck, 

and you were the song that suffocated me slowly, with each play, 

until I lost all control of my breathing. 


You are the song I can no longer listen to

You are the song that finally became overplayed, 

the song that once brought such happy times

only to quickly become a one-hit wonder, like the rest of them. 

You are the song that makes me cry because I wonder if I would love you more now

if I didn’t listen to you so much. 


You are the song I can no longer listen to.


This piece has been published on Thought Catalog. You can view the published version here. 

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