How Building a Dream is like Building a Castle

Building a dream is like building a castle

It’s mystifying, 




but it takes eons to build and

all of the sweat

the sleepless nights

the doubters

the financial burden

makes it just a dream for some


for others, it is the final paradise

they will find architects and builders

who are so willing and supportive of giving their life

to this castle 

that they will break their bones and rip their hair in the process

because they know that the finished castle will be a 

ravishing home to live in


and once that castle is built,

the walls will echo the stories of the burdens placed on the builders

the light from the windows will radiate so intensely

the ceilings will extend close to the skies

the castle will feel so near to god

that the castle will become its residents’ religion


but those who live in this castle must protect it greatly

because those who observe the outsides of the castle will be in  

so enamored by it, that their jealousy will throw cannonballs at its walls

but a good builder would be prepared, knowing ashes would accumulate around the castle

so they built the walls out of the strongest stones they could find

and all they had left to protect through the blasts were



it is at this point that

a person feels the euphoric serenity 

of bruising themselves so badly

just to live forever in this castle


This is the ultimate garden of eden


This piece has been published on Thought Catalog. You can view the published version here

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