We are What is Left After the Lightning Storm

We are the sunlight that drips

from our bodies, perspiration bubbling on our skin from 

the rising temperature between us. 


We are the exhaustion, dehydration one experiences from 

overexposing their bodies to extreme heat. 

We bake in our own sunlight, but we

comfort our burns with aloe, and we keep

roasting our skin in the heat because we enjoy

the pain of such daylight. 


We are the calm before the evening humidity, 

the few moments of silence when the clouds break the sun, 

giving us rest, basking in the softness of each other, 

falling so in love with the breathlessness of this moment.

We can barely breathe from the dampness in the air, the humidity that

cuts off our lungs, so we can only hold onto each other for air. 


We are the calm before the storm 

because no beautifully heated day

dies down without a lightning storm to accompany it. 

We will not exit our love without a bang, 

without a crack in the sky, 

without the damaging of trees and the striking

of everything in our path. 


We are the lightning storm that breaks

the heat, that brings cold winds and high rain as we 

bolt across the sky, dancing in flickers of light for the whole earth to see

We destruct the sands we were so recently blanketed in, so we don't have to recall 

the memories we made, the moments we loved. 

We are the the beauty in the terror, 

because we will not end this day without a battle. 


We are the morning, 

lying there, fatigued, because we couldn’t sleep through our own storm. 

We are the realization that the storm has passed,

a new day has sprung, 

and the passion between us has died along with the 

trees we executed around us. 

We are the disaster left once we have passed through the city, 

the debris left behind that will take days to clear.

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