The World is Bigger than Your Problems

It is no secret that

 we live in a world where people do things for display


they post statements for likes

take photos for proof

snaps for views

tweets for attention


all in hopes that someone will see it, 

and think they are living one hell of a life


you can live one hell of a life

by changing the lives of others

you can change the world by stepping outside of your own

the world is much larger than your simple problems, 

and when you step outside of your own bubble

and into someone else’s, 

you will find that there is so much more to be learned


you can live one hell of a life by

forgoing your selfish desires

by finding a passion behind compassion

by meaning what you say

by saying what you mean in person

by filling your time with happiness

by spending your money on others

by living each day to be the change in someone else’s life

you are so powerful, 

and you don’t even realize it


you don’t need to do anything for someone else’s validation

and you don’t need to speak up to be heard

silence is just as powerful

and actions are your weapons


This world is so large, and 

your problems are just small pebbles

in an avalanche of mountainous rocks that are tumbling all around.

You can stop the avalanches, if you tried. 


This piece has been published on Thought Catalog. You can view the published version here

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