I could explore you forever. 


You are beautiful.


You are everything that is beautiful in life and

I want to know all of it. 


I want to learn everything there is about you, 

and I could spend the rest of my life learning

and exploring the rivers inside of your body

that your blood rushes through when it feels so passionate

about life. 


I could spend everyday exploring the 

hills of your mind

I want to learn about all of the peaks and all of the valleys you have


and I don’t want to run down the hills quickly.  

I want to carefully backpack them, 

because I want to enjoy the view. 


I could spend everyday exploring 

the stories that your skin secretly holds. 

I want to learn how you acquired every scar, 

and I want to know who has caused the bruising on your heart. 

I want to feel that happiness that exudes from your skin, 

because it is so much more fulfilling than any drug there is, 

and I would give everything in the world, just to continue absorbing the aura you emit. 


I could spend everyday exploring 

the forests you hide behind. 

I want to know the trees you camouflage into when you are most vulnerable, 

the fires that spread when a flame ignites the energy in your bones

the winds that graze through your thoughts as you exhale life out of you. 

You are the most beautiful forest I could find myself lost in. 


I could spend everyday exploring 

the oceans you swim in. 

You have thoughts that drift as deep as the middle of the Pacific, 

and I could spend months sailing the seas to reach the inner depths of your aspirations.

You carry so much weight in the waters of your soul,

and I want to help carry the weight with you. 


I could explore you forever, 

because you are the most alluring journey I have taken, 

and I never want this adventure to end.


This piece has been published on Thought Catalog. You can view the published version here