When I Tell You I Love You


When I tell you I love you

it’s not because I’m obsessed with you

or because you are all I think about 

or because I feel inseparable from you

or because I’m trying to fill a void in my life


When I tell you I love you 

it’s because you are your own person

and I love that

I love how you think for yourself

and no one’s opinion of you 

ever tainted the way you feel about yourself


When I tell you I love you

it’s because I’m passionate about you

I want you to love everything around you

as much as I love you

and I want the rest of the world 

to openly love you back 

and feel the desire to care for you

as much as I do


When I tell you I love you

it’s because I don’t want you to ever feel alone

I never want you to figure out your life

or to fight through challenges by yourself

Even if you lived hundreds of miles away 

and you stopped speaking to me

I want you to know that somewhere out there

is someone who is rooting for you

no matter where you are


When I tell you I love you

it’s because I see something in you 

that I have never seen in myself

and it’s the utmost desire to be compassionate

to be loving, to be wholesome, and to be giving

and I love that you make me want to change myself

and feel that way too. 


When I tell you I love you

it’s because I find myself caring for you

more than I could care for myself 

and when I think about all of the times I have been happiest

each one has involved a moment

loving you


So know that when I tell you I love you

wherever you may be in the world

and whatever point in life you may be at

I love you thoroughly

I love you wholeheartedly

I love you in your entirety 


And I never want to stop telling you how much 

I love you


This piece has been published on Mogul. You can view the published version here.

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