If These Tattoos Could Talk


I’m not one to openly share my feelings with anyone

but if the stories behind my tattoos 

could come alive at first glance

they would bleed out a novel so heartbreaking


There are many moments in life 

in which I’ve wanted to capture 

the essence of every single emotion

that flooded into my brain and overtook my mind

and they were moments so low

that I said to myself,

Do not forget how much effort it took

to let this moment pass


There were moments in life

that deep in my soul,

I knew something was going to radically change 

the path I was bound to take 

And I wanted those moments etched into my skin

I wanted them to live their own stories

painted in other languages

so they could tell the story

a different way each time someone asked


And when I knew that 

whatever was happening to me in that very moment

was significant enough to scratch onto my skin

Life seemed to change its course


So when someone asks,

what does your tattoo say?
what do your tattoos mean?

It’s more complicated that a simple answer

or a simple explanation of a symbol


They mean

in that very second in time

the moments ink sunk into the skin

and forever founds its place on my body

I was becoming a new person

and overcoming a dark time

in which I only wanted myself 

to fully remember 

so I wouldn’t enter a time so painful 



Anyone who can read 

what these tattoos say

can be fully assured that

they know the darkest parts

of my heart

And that is a place that anyone

has yet to venture.


This piece has been published on Thought Catalog. You can view the published version here

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