A Letter to the 2016 Version of Me for 2017


Dear Me,


This year has been, undoubtedly, one of the most insane years of your life. The best part is none of this was ever planned, dreamed, or even remotely considered by a younger version of you. Isn’t it crazy how life completely changes everything we thought we wanted?


This year, you’ve travelled a lot. So much that you broke your suitcase in Paris. You’ve flown from both ends of the US to both ends of Europe multiple times, and everyone you have met in between has changed your life. They’ve changed your life so much that you’ve completely changed your mindset on what you want to do with your life. Don’t stop exploring because you’re finally starting to really, truly understand what it means to be a explorative soul.


It’s ok to leave everything behind to start anew in 2017. You’re not too old.


This year, you became friends with a lot of your ex’s. I don’t know anyone who does that, or who has wanted to do that, but you. Out of all the people you know, you are the only one who has tried to make peace with a lot of wars, and for some reason, your ex’s were the next war you wanted to conquer. I wish I could tell you that in 2017 all of them will have an impact on your life, but I’m not sure they will. I’ve watched you become close with them only to find out that becoming friends with them was the closure you needed to move on. 


It’s ok to let go in 2017. 


This year, you began pouring your heart out to the world. Instead of writing shit articles for terrible websites, you instead began publishing (not exactly better) raw poetry and prose about the way you feel. You did this so much that you started to learn to love yourself more than you ever have and everyone else in your life. And maybe everyone around you finds you crazy because you’ve learned to love so much, but you’ve learned that you would rather spill out love than hold it inside. Life is too short to keep it all to yourself. 


It’s ok to have feelings, and in 2017, don’t stop loving people and don’t stop loving the work you do. 


Speaking of work, this year has been the best work year of your life. You stopped letting work be a prison and let it become a destination. You left jobs and you started new ones, including new businesses. You’ve decided to work somewhere that supports you (and your business), gives you time to breathe, and inspires you to do great things in your life. You’ve taken a lot of risks this year, and I assume this is going to be just the start of many, many more. You were never one to live or work traditionally, pushing the norms to an entirely new level. 


It’s ok to love the work you do, and in 2017, don’t stop doing great things in your life. You never know the other lives you will impact. 


Lastly, this year, you’ve learned what pure love and friendship means. This has been the first year in your life where you finally learned to surround yourself with people who loved you and people you learned to love back unconditionally. Isn’t is wonderful how much more positive your life has become once you removed negative energy around you? When you emit so much love that others surrounding you have to feel it back? There’s something truly magical about the way you let 2016 be the year of being close. Don’t stop telling people you love them. 


Most importantly, it’s ok to let yourself go and love someone else in 2017.


I hope that you take a tumultuous 2016 and turn it into an astounding 2017. You spent 2016 changing everything about your life, and I hope you continue to do the same in 2017, not only with your life, but with those around you. I hope you look at 2017 with the same awe and curiosity that you did with 2016. I hope in 2017 you find new ways to change the world just as you changed yourself in 2016. 


And finally, I hope 2017 is so astonishing that you never look back at 2016. 





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