I'm Not the One You are Looking For

I knew it when I first introduced myself to you. 

I’ve known it every time I’ve introduced myself to someone

for the first time. 


You want to believe it. 

You said there was some connection on the first night you met me, 

like something lit inside of you that is so unexplainably hard to describe. 

I like to write, so I’ll describe that feeling for you. 


I’m not the one you are going to 

settle down with. 

I’m not even going to be the one you date. 

I’m not going to be the one you will ever get to take on a date. 


I’m not the one you are looking for. 


It’s not that I don’t like you.

I like everything about you, and that’s why I’m not the one you’re looking for. 

I’m afraid of the things I like most.


You need someone who can point out your flaws and 

turn them into gold. 

I just can’t do that. 

I’m going to start finding your flaws as annoyances because 

that’s just what I do. 


You need someone who can withstand differences in a relationship. 

I like people who are different, 

but I’m not looking to make meaning from differences right now. 

I’m not looking for a chase or for mystery or intrigue. 

I just simply don’t have time for this, and you need someone 

with time. 


You want someone who can entertain you, give meaning to your life.

I’ll unintentionally entertain you, 

but I’m not doing that specifically for you. 

I can’t spend my downtime entertaining you

because I don’t even spend my downtime sleeping. 


You want someone who will care for you,

who will listen to you and learn from you.

But I’m not selfless, 

I’m selfish. 

It’s not that I’ll forget to talk to you,

it’s just that I won’t want to. 

I’m ruthless, 

and I think you already knew that when you met me. 

That’s what drew you to me and that’s exactly what is going to draw you away. 


This isn’t right, and you know that. 


So do better for yourself with someone who loves you more than I ever will

because I’m not the one you are looking for. 

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