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Elizabeth Babinski, or better known as Liz Rae online, has been writing since she was a kid. She still works full-time while running the business, but is working on expanding the business to make it a full-time effort. Her best friend, Maranda, had asked her to marry her fiancé and her, and she figured it would also be great to help other people who wanted to keep their wedding in budget. You can see their wedding website here.

Liz's business philosophy is to only work with people she knows well and trusts. You will find that she only recommends vendors she has had the pleasure of meeting at weddings or friends she has known for a long time. Brian is her cousin, and his family has been one of the most supportive people in Liz's life. Without his family, she would not have been able to escape the troublesome childhood she had. Aimee was a colleague of hers at a technology company, and Liz instantly could see her ability to connect with anyone she met. Without Aimee, Liz would not have considered taking the job at the company, and she has made work feel a less and less like work. 

To read her life story, visit the About Me page.


 wedding Officiant



Brian grew up in Saint Paul, and has aspired to remain a part of his favorite city for as long as he can. He spent his whole life in Minnesota, growing up along with the community he tries to be a positive part of every day. Most of his free time is spent riding his motorcycle around town, trying to keep his wild, crazy rescue dog under control, and expanding his newfound interest in photography. He tends to stick close to things he knows--his hometown, his family and his friends. But someday, when the stars align, he would love to get out into the world and see everything humanity has to offer. He can't think of anything more exciting than visiting Australia, New Zealand, Europe, and even the more domes locations like the beautiful Pacific Northwest and New England. But until that day, you'll find him around the Twin Cities, engaging with the people and community he's come to love. 

He can't think of a better way to add to that community than helping bring people together in the celebration of their love. Weddings are one of the truly great joys we all get to experience, untarnished by cynicism and pessimism; they're about love, commitment, and the beauty of two people becoming one. To be a part of people's wedding, an intimate ceremony to say the least, is the greatest honor he could imaging having bestowed upon him, and he takes that responsibility very seriously. The most important day of your live deserves an officiant who respects the love you share, the commitment you're making, and will help tell the world about the beauty and happiness you will bring to each other and the world around you. Leave those responsibilities to him so you can focus on the most important responsibility: expressing your love in front of friends, family, and--most importantly--each other. 



Wedding officiant

Mark grew up in Avon Lake, Ohio, which used to be a smallish town on the west side of Cleveland. College took him to Cincinnati, at the other end of the state, where he spent ten years acquiring a couple of opera degrees. Yes, he still sings. No, he doesn't sing at weddings. Not as a soloist, anyway. 

His life-long love of literature (19th-century literature in particular) has made him passionate about the power of language to move people in a unique and beautiful way. One of the things he loves most about weddings is the chance to focus this passion on the task of bringing form and poetry to a couple's vision of their wedding day. Mark is comfortable working and writing in any spiritual idiom a couple might prefer, but also thinks that a non-religious service can (and should) be as unique and beautiful as he can help to make it.

Mark has officiated weddings throughout the country, in churches and private homes, in back yards, on shorelines and riverbanks, in gardens, and around a couple of really impressive trees. He knows that any space can be a perfect space, if it is meaningful to those who celebrate there.

He married Jennifer, his better and wiser half, in 2002. They reside in Saint Paul, where they adore their neighbors, and share space with a houseful of pets.